Brand Ambassador

CHANTEL is the proud brand ambassador for two eco-friendly, cruelty-free brands: ARCHES & HALOS and NAILTOPIA.

Partnerships with companies/organizations that are congruent with the singer's predilections, image and beliefs are welcome. 

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I have always been interested in nail art, so when I got manicures I always conceptualized before getting them done. Unfortunately, acrylic tips were DESTROYING my nail bed. Luckily, these bio-sourced products are restoring them!




Arches & Halos

Use code "CHANTEL10" for a discount.

Extremely proud of the partnership I've established with Arches & Halos! I've used their products since January 2021 for music videos, photoshoots and my music show filming!



All looks, concepts, media has been curated and edited by Chantel Nicole.

Please email for collaborations.