CHROMA serves as the palette on which CHANTEL mixes genres, such as Latin-Pop (“LIKE IT”) and K-Pop/R&B,  (“Here I Am.”)


The 6-track mini-album is the multi-hyphenated entertainer’s first body of work since releasing her musical triptych, Me + U.


CHANTEL wants to shine her light and reveal all of her true colors. 

Each song embodies a certain "CHANTONE"--colors that depict the mood/feel of each song.


What colors do you hear?

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CHANTONE 002-006 - "HERE I AM"


Inspired by Sailor Moon, the song depicts Chantel as the “Damsel in This Dress” ready to save the heart of the one she loves.


Chantel Nicole - CHANTONE- Here I Am.png



This flirty, bi-lingual track was inspired by old percussive

Neptune tracks & Latin Pop. 

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